The Occupy Movement

With regard to the Occupy Movement, I  should be pleased. But I must say I am sceptical. It seems to me that America has been responsible for much that is wrong in the world for decades & that since the end of American involvement in the Vietnam war, American youth & almost everybody else American have been remarkably silent about the evils of capitalism, especially their capitalism. Really Coca Cola etc have been ruling the World. It seems to me with regard to the Wall Street protestors & others, give them a bar of chocolate & they will go home like good little kids. How many Americans have ever  been out on the street protesting about the violation of Pakistani territory, about so-called strict rendition, Guantanamo Bay, Israeli atrocities especially in Gaza 2009, Nicaragua, El Salvador, the death penalty in their own country (the recent case of Troy Davis for example) US CO2 emissions,  cruise missiles , neutron bombs, Diego Garcia, etc  etc ?  The answer? Not a lot. But now that some of these problems have come home to roost they suddenly realise that all is not right in the world. Once this problem is resolved as far as Americans are concerned, I fear that they once again will become silent. I hope I am wrong but I am not holding my breath.

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