Greek coup

So there is danger of a coup in Greece. Well, surprise surprise. It has happened before. Once a precedent has been set, it is always likely to be repeated. Greece, at least on the surface, if you believe what you are told is on the verge of collapse. The home of democracy looks like it is going to lose it.

The coup in 1967 was not really a surprise as far as I remember. Every Latin American country & most African countries as well East & Central European countries as well as China, both Koreas, etc were dictatorships.

The 2011 coup will come soon, probably by the end of this week or next. This time it is well documented in advance mainly because of the internet but also because many senior military people have just been sacked.

It is all over the internet. Rumours abound. Rumours, to some extent, one presumes, put out by the perpetrators themselves so that it doesn’t come as a surprise.

If those sacked were indeed planning something, sacking won’t make the slightest difference. Sacking them in theory, doesn’t sack them in fact.  They will almost certainly be part of the military Government.

So after the military take over, what next? There will as with all such events be what is euphemistically called a crack-down. Hundreds will be arrested & placed in prisons & concentration camps. Many will be tortured. There will sporadic revolts & action on the streets. Presumably Greek will be forced to leave both the Euro & presumable the EU itself. They will default on their debts & start again.

Economically, they might be alright. The military might bring about changes which lead to stability, even if not prosperity. But at a price.

If there is no coup, Greece will default anyway. They can’t do otherwise. A series of events almost too alarming to contemplate will take place ending up in a civil war. It has happened before. In his film The Travelling Players, Angelopoulos has chronicled the changes & misfortunes that have befallen Greece. History never comes to an end. It is always a work in progress. The economic meltdown we are experiencing was an accident waiting to happen. Capitalism has so many fault lines. Gordon Brown seemed to think history had come to an end & we the inhabitants of planet Earth would forever & a day experience prosperity & continuous growth.

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