In 1042 a civil war broke in England which resulted in Oliver Cromwell becoming the dictator of England.  Ostensibly a war of religion, it was in fact a power struggle between King & Parliament. It wasn’t a war of the people. It wasn’t a revolution. In effect the same people were running the country. However it was a theocracy in which for example, Christmas was abolished. They weren’t called Puritans for nothing. Oliver Cromwell was a religious bigot convinced that he alone held the truth within him. Under his rule, the called Commonwealth, nobody was allowed to have any fun at all. Music & dancing were viewed in much the same way as it is under the mullahs in Iran.

After a while it all came to an end, in 1659. So from the beginning to the end it lasted about 17 years.

Iran became a theocracy in 1979 when the Shah was overthrown. The reign of terror which this event precipitated still continues, 32 years later. To follow an identical pattern it would have come to an end when Khomeini died. But history isn’t like that. The pattern of the past sometimes repeats itself never the exact details not really.

Nevertheless there are parallels. The people have lost interest in the mullahs. In many ways Iran is a modern country with modern people. Especially there is modern technology. Western films, mobile phones, internet & so on.

The question is, how long will the Islamic Republic of Iran last? Personally I think it will be gone in 5 years. But, really, it isn’t possible to tell. I am under the impression that most Iranians are secular & that they are just waiting for its demise. Such is the tight grip that the government at least tries to exert over its people that in practical terms there isn’t in fact much that people can do about it.

Revolutions do come to an end. Gaddafi started off as a revolution. Soviet Communism came to an end. In the end Iran will throw off the chains of theocracy & become something else; maybe even a Western style democracy.

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