madness & creativity

Van Gogh apparently was mad. Or so they say. The relationship between madness & creativity is an interesting one & one that has been thought about & discussed for hundreds of years. Many creative geniuses were thought to be manic depressives, including Beethoven, Van Gogh, Blake, Robert Schumann. The brain is not such a mystery it once was but still is far from being fully understood. In lucid periods, incredible art & music & writing have been created by those so afflicted. Perhaps they have sacrificed themselves for us. Van Gogh was not appreciated in his life time & there have been many others, people who just ahead of their time.

The question is, is it better to be creative & productive than happy, whatever happiness is? Happiness is one of those things, you mainly know what it is when you no longer have it.

Manic depressives are happy some of the time, creative & depressed some of the time. It seems like a good place to be to me. But then I don’t suffer from manic depression & am hardly ever depressed. But when I am I try to be as creative & productive as possible.

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