The Wigmore Hall

I am going to the Wigmore Hall tonight, Wednesday. To me, the Wigmore Hall is London. It represents everything that I love.  London is or at was possibly still a centre of what is called classical music, an umbrella term that covers so many forms of music. In the early part of the nineties the Wigmore  Hall closed for a year & I somehow lost the habit of going there. Before that I used to go on a regular basis; since then I have only been going spasmodically.  After the World War 2, the Wigmore Hall became the most fashionable. Queues for an Amadeus string quartet concert stretched around the block.

At some point it fell into comparative obscurity. I did go occasionally & the audiences were pitiful. Then the legendary William Lyne became manager & transformed the Wigmore Hall back to the position & status that it deserved.

In the eighties especially, the audiences were huge. Often queues stretched outside & into the street.

In the eighties, there was much early music performed there, mainly on Thursday to full house or almost house to ecstatic audiences. Indeed in London, the Wigmore Hall was the very much the centre of early music.

The Wigmore Hall is the shoebox design concert hall so beloved of many musicians. Many musicians who could fill the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the South Bank perform at the Wigmore Hall because they like its acoustics.

I am going to the Wigmore Hall this evening for a performance of music by Bach performed the Retrospect Ensemble. I have not heard of them before but I am confident that they are good & will perform excellently. That is how it is at the Wigmore Hall. Only musicians who reach exacting standards perform there.

Much BBC radio3 music comes from there. The Wigmore Hall is an institution.

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