Democracy or not?

Iran’s human rights record has somewhat gone under the radar. There is much attention & much concern about Iran’s existent or non existent nuclear weapons programme. Apparently sanctions are being imposed upon Iran because Europe & North America is afraid that Iran might at some in the future develop them. The whole thing is just so hypocritical. It is just obvious that sanctions are going to make things worse for the people. They will benefit no-one. They will achieve nothing. They will stiffen the resolve of the régime. If sanctions are imposed, will a similar train of events to that of Iraq occur.. The World is in theory driven by realpolitik. This would mean that it would all be for the best if some of these brutal & apparently illogical policies were to work. But in practise the World is driven by all sorts of illogical & bizarre notions. At the back of the mind at the bottom of it all is the notion that we are faced with a situation similar to that in the late 1930s & early 1940s when Hitler invaded first Czechoslovakia, then Poland then most of the rest of Europe. And the notion that this person or that, this dictator or that must be stopped at all costs. But no situation these days is like that. Much as Iran’s social system is bizarre & crazy, Iran itself isn’t a threat to its neighbours. The 8 year long war with Iraq was started by Saddam Hussein, supported & backed up it is said by the West. The only country in the region which does threaten its neighbours is Israel. The geriatric leadership of Iran wouldn’t know how to do anything much except enforce Sharia law. The real threat to the World or at least to human life on the planet is climate change. Climate change is caused mostly though not entirely caused by US CO2 emissions. And of course, it is they who are most shrill about Iran’s nuclear threat. It all makes no sense. The World is driven by crazy notions by inadequate leaders & politicians who are unable to think through situations, who react to short term popularity or unpopularity. And when they do make unpopular decision, don’t they just ask for our praise? The sanctimonious bleating of unctuous politicians hectoring us about this or that when they themselves have their fingers in the till, intellectual pigmies making decisions about where the next vote is coming for, always with their eyes on opinion polls & focus groups. Many of them have their noses in the trough. Iran’s human rights record is what deserves our attention. They have executed several hundred people this year. Women have no rights. All the Baha’i Leaders have been locked up. Iran is an accident waiting to happen, a tinder keg. The demographics of Iran are of a young population ruled by a theocracy of old men in beards. The people of Iran are not, it seems, against Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. Lots of other countries including UK, USA, Israel have them. What the people of Iran want, almost certainly, is to do away the Islamic régime which keeps them in chains, which executes people for apostasy, for adultery, for this & for that. Young people want Western accoutrements, they want to be free. No doubt the novelty would soon wear off. But then the novelty of anything wears thin. In Russia, there is even nostalgia for Stalin. Already in Egypt, there is, it seems, nostalgia for Mubarak. What people all over the Middle East & North Africa seem to be saying is that they want freedom. They may not know what it is that they mean by that. But pluralistic democracy could happen even in the teeth of present repression.

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