Montserrat Figueras has died

Montserrat Figueras has died. I can’t let this terrible event go by without commenting upon it. I didn’t know her personally. I didn’t ever meet her. There is no particular reason why I should have. She was musician. I am not. Her voice was remarkable & wonderful. A Dutch obituary has compared her to Emma Kirkby which is an interesting comparison but not a very good one really. Emma Kirkby has the ultimate bel canto voice. Montserrat Figueras had a haunting voice best known for her singing with her husband the truly great Jordi Savall & Hesperion XX. She was only 63. She was young, younger than me. As is so often the case it is often never really revealed what disease it is that afflicted her. Often it turns out to be cancer. She will be missed, much missed. She leaves behind her many recordings, many of them on you tube. Montserrat Figueras RIP.

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