Climate change rally

The climate change rally & march was on Saturday of last week. I missed the march not because I disagreed with it but because I had a prior arrangement & it might have caused offence if I had missed it.

The speakers made many important points. There has much talk about biofuels but in fact biofuels are in the final analysis a bad idea.  They deprive already poor people, mainly in Africa of their land & livelihood. The worst countries are China, Saudi Arabia & UK in that order. People have been thrown off their in thousands in countries where livelihood is a struggle at the best of times.  Airlines are particular perpetrators. Aeroplanes do give off enormous of CO2  & only 3% of the population of the World have ever flown. The speakers demanded action on CO2  emissions & a more sustainable economy.

There were not that many  people attending . But that doesn’t detract from the importance of the issues. the rally. Climate change is a subject which people are not convinced about. But I was encouraged that there were so many young people there. The speaker from the TUC who’s first name is Suzanne was an excellent & informative speaker. She called for sustainable jobs (jobs jobs the old mantra)

But it isn’t jobs that are needed. It is compassion.

In the West we have had it easy too long.  We have come to believe ourselves immune from the trials & tribulations of climate change, political upheavals, malevolent dictatorships. We have grown to look down upon others less fortunate than ourselves. Why, I don’t quite know. Is it not obvious that it is sheer accident where we were born.

The task is to convince the people of the urgency of the situation. To change society so the carbon emissions are reduced to zero. But further than that convince people to respect & look after the natural environment including animals.

These are the pictures from the rally.

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