You know something

You know something. We are all bombarded with too much stuff these days. Information comes at us from all sides. From radio, television, the internet in general, from social networking sites, Facebook etc. Information is at the touch of the button. Life is faster, more stressful.

In the sixties & seventies, the wonderful prospect of automation making life easier for us was constantly held up before our eyes. An amazing science fiction like future in which people would only have to work if they really wanted to. We could indulge ourselves in all sorts of activities. People would educate themselves in all sorts of ways. Life would be better. People would be happier. In fact life would be wonderful.

We are brought into the World. Then we are programmed to the norms of wherever  & whichever society we find ourselves. We are expected (by our parents) to be perfect in every way. We have to go to school, behave perfectly, leave, get a job, make our parents proud, get married, produce grandchildren for a our parents.

All you ever hear about is getting a jobs. Jobs for young people jobs for old people. People without a job are made to feel as though they are of no worth.  But why?  Jobs seem to be the holy grail. It doesn’t matter what people do as long as they have a job. It is like national service, when the enlisted soldiers had to dig a hole & then fill it in again. You have to have a job otherwise you are made to feel that you are of no worth. Society is not run on rational grounds. The world of capitalism was going on its merry way but then suddenly it has hit the rocks & the cliffs & everything else. And guess what? It is all our fault. The small people. The cogs in the wheel.

If the means of production were controlled more sensibly, then at least the problem of so-called boom & bust could be sorted out. Could be. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it would be. But at the moment the World or at least the economy of the World is being run like a casino. It has been since about half way through the 20th century. The industrial revolution saw the onset of factories where man became a machine working machines. Phenomena such as child labour, long hours, etc made the mill owners & others rich at the expense of the many. Capitalism is often referred to as the creator of wealth. I haven’t anywhere heard it referred to as the reducer of poverty. JK Galbraith in his seminal book, The Affluent Society said that capitalism was like an escalator in which everybody went up but some people went up faster than others. It is hard to believe that anybody believes this these days. Inhabitants of North America, China possibly, some Latin American countries to an extent have managed to both increase the wealth of the wealthy & the poor. But most people in the World live hand to mouth existences, many live on rubbish dumps. In the bible, Jesus says For he that has, to him shall be given: and he that has not, from him shall be taken away even that which he has. Whatever it is that that means it doesn’t seem to mean helping the poor.

Even in the rich countries, the rich are not happier. Crippling diseases such AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer’s haven’t been alleviated. People complain about stress & diseases generally are not on the decrease. Partly this is because people are living longer but not entirely. With all the overcrowding of cities & the bombardment of information, lights, pollution, chemicals in food etc, it a wonder that we have not all gone mad.

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