The Occupy Movement won’t go away

The Occupy Movement won’t go away. Most people, myself included, did believe that it would last a few days & that would be that. In America, no sooner do the forces of repression clear out one set of occupiers than they reappear somewhere else.

It is unlikely, indeed not possible, that the occupiers will overthrow anything, the government, the system or that they will bring about change of any kind. In the UK. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, is busy buttressing the banks, protecting their privileges.  The forces of repression are these days more efficient than ever. The police are out in force for demonstrations & potential troublemakers have their e-mails & phone calls hacked & tapped on the basis of national security.

But then again, they, the occupiers, are still around. The St Pauls Cathedral people don’t seem to know what to do. They are in a moral panic. They would like someone, presumably the police, to go in there & demolish what can be called the settlement. But they are afraid of looking unchristian, uncharitable. What are they to do? After all St Pauls is the domain of the rich & powerful. Prince Charles was married there. The privileged go there for services & alight from their expensive chauffeur driven cars. They give loads of money to the Cathedral. At least I assume they do.

In fact most people do agree with them about the bankers. Since the so-called big bang when the Stock Exchange system with stock brokers standing on the floor of the building of the institution, shouting like demented cats, was abolished, the stock market became virtual & international. Hundreds (maybe it is thousands) of traders sit in front of computer screens buying & selling money, futures, the system whereby coffee in Brazil for example is bought in the future, 2015 or whenever. It is an exercise in gambling. Stressful for the actors in this drama, disastrous for everybody else. It was all part of Mrs Thatcher’s grand plan for the UK & which has ended, eventually, in tears, in disaster even. The prosperity achieved by the Thatcher government & continued by the labour government of Blair & Bush was an illusion. It was a house built on sand.

In all societies from ancient Greece to the present, we rely on people who think & write down their ideas about life & how society should be run. Then everybody can debate what it is they have said. The occupiers outside St Pauls Cathedral & elsewhere can be seen as the modern day philosophers.

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