God particle

Am I alone in doubting the veracity of the so-called God particle? Apparently scientists have found something in the large Hadron Collider which binds the whole universe together. It has always been  obvious that there might well be something of the sort. Does it change anything if the Cerne scientists tell us that it is so? There are lots of research grants riding on the machine (toy?) It is unlikely that anybody is very interested in the project. The old religion v science has re-surfaced. Does anyone care? It is one of those things scientists are allowed to get on with, to be awarded large sums of money for, to pontificate on, to make themselves seem important. Science is the new religion with as much mumbo jumbo as any religion. It may or may not be true that the Cern scientists have discovered the matter which binds together the universe. I don’t know. But it does seem surprising, if it is true that they have made such a discovery that it hasn’t been discovered before. What I do know is that scientists have set themselves up as the sole keepers of the truth. It has always been the case that scientists have wanted us to believe that they have reached the edge of knowledge. Often their claims have been proved in the light of further knowledge to be completely fallacious.  It is extremely depressing. Take the universe. It works in a particular way. It is bound to. Scientists claim to have discovered (or at least I think this what they are claiming) how it works. Stephen Hawking’s book A Brief History of Time is almost impossible to understand. He has had many plaudits, won many awards for his work.  But hardly anyone understands it. Lots of people have bought the book, few have read beyond the first few pages. People like Richard Dawkins pour scorn anyone who even professes that God might exist. Me? I don’t believe in a benevolent or loving God. But I do believe that there is more to life than meets the eye. Love for example. Compassion, mercy, forgiveness, community. I think it is very wrong of scientists to deny that anything good has ever come from religion which is what many of them do seem to be claiming. The problem they say if I understand them correctly is that isn’t true. And because people believe things that aren’t true, (I would say almost certainly not true, not certainly) it is necessarily harmful.  It does depend on the religion. I will eschew all the rest. Suffice it say that Buddhist societies are more peaceful, more harmonious, more caring than the rest.

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