Health, prevention or cure?

Health is a guess. Some people believe themselves to be invincible & do all the wrong things. Some people are, like the composer  Stravinsky was,  hypochondriacs & take inside themselves loads of pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals are often natural remedies which have been refined, over refined.  Valium, for example is a derivative of valerian. For whatever reason pharmaceuticals usually have unpleasant side effects.

Others put their faith in other remedies. Some people are just fatalistic & take the attitude that in the end everybody dies anyway, which is true.

But finding ourselves on this planet, a member of the homo sapiens species, it behoves us to make the most of our lives. None of us asked to be born; we are the result of someone else’s vanity. But we are where we are; on planet earth – a member of homo sapiens.

We are the result of our genes. It is true that some people do succumb unaccountably to genetic disorders. Sometimes diseases are unavoidable. MS seems to be a disease which comes on suddenly & fatally (in the end) – as happened to the cellist Jacqueline du Prė.  But often it is possible to fight back. We can prevent it.  It is even possible with cancer.

Both my parents died of cancer. Somewhat unaccountably inasmuch as there isn’t a huge predisposition to cancer in our family, although my father’s father who would have been my grandfather, died from cancer when my father was a child. To me the 2 big diseases to avoid are cancer & Alzheimer’s.

I have been reading about a book due to come out soon in the UK but which came out I gather some time ago in America called 100 Simple Things You Can do to prevent Alzheimer’s & age related memory loss by Jean Carper. It includes the usual things like not smoking not drinking excessively. Getting enough exercise, enough sleep. It has been known or at least assumed for a long time that lack of sleep over a long period is a major cause of Alzheimer’s. Mrs Thatcher, ex prime minister of the UK, went for many years having just a small amount of sleep & is now severely Alzheimered. I haven’t seen the book itself, so I can only guess at most of the contents.

These are some of my thoughts on the matter. I wonder if there is a connection between right handedness, left handedness, being ambidextrous & Alzheimer’s. Are vegetarians less prone (I am vegetarian) to Alzheimer’s? Certainly there is evidence that a vegetarian diet helps prevent the onset of cancer. I would assume the same is true of Alzheimer’s.  I have heard that taking a vitamin C tablet every day is a good preventative. Also that ginkgo helps memory loss. In the end the only way is to look at the interesting path people like Jean Carper have followed & make up our own minds. Myself I disagree with most other people most of the time especially experts. The Buddha said, work out your own salvation with diligence. This is all there is for us to do. Health is a guess. My guess is that much of the advice given to us is wrong. For example we are always being told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But I haven’t eaten breakfast for decades & I am never ill. People (often people who are ill all the time) were forever asking me where I got protein (whatever that is) from. I learned about 5 years ago (not that I cared – I am very empirical about these things) that there is loads of protein in for example cabbage. There is protein in other vegetables as well. Somebody invented something called omega E a few years ago. Apparently you could only find it in fish & it was essential to eat it, otherwise, I suppose you became very ill & died. We don’t hear so much about that these days. In fact we don’t hear about it at all. Whatever it is that omega E is, I gather it is present in lots of other foods anyway.

One of the questions is, are dementia & Alzheimer’s brought on in part, by too much use of the brain or too little?

This is the link for Jean Carper’s website

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