Gustav Leonhardt has died

Gustav Leonhardt has died. His Bach recordings have been so much part of my life that I can’t quite believe it is true. In fact I only saw the Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach several decades after it first came out. I don’t know why I didn’t go along when it was on at the old Academy cinemas in Oxford Street. But when I did finally see it at the ICA it was amazing to see all these now fairly elderly musicians as such young people. I have the box record, the vinyl recording of Leonhardt performing the art of the fugue by Bach. I have many other Bach recordings, both vinyl & CD  where he is the performer or one of the performers.  I have seen him performing in London, possibly Utrecht as well. It won’t be easy to replace such a wonderful musician, such a wonderful Bach interpreter as Gustav Leonhardt. This is the Dutch link. I don’t speak Dutch (to my shame – I have been to Holland so many times over the decades but everybody in Holland speaks English.)  But I think the meaning is clear.


You won’t be replaced.

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