Alzheimer’s the disease

It is the old & infirm who normally suffer from dementia & Alzheimer’s . It is an end of life thing really, just as death is. It is really scary because somehow sufferers seem to lose their humanity, they lose that bit of them that marks them as being human rather than another species. It is a form of premature death.

There isn’t a cure & when there is a cure it will be drugs, which will have side effects & the effect will wear off anyway.

It is a dreadful shame. We, the relatives & friends look on in dismay as these once intelligent & vibrant personalities become sort of semi personalities. They seem no longer to be the self that they were. In fact they don’t any longer seem any kind of human being at all.

But what we actually fear is getting it ourselves. Homo Sapiens is essentially a selfish species without any empathy towards each other. If this were not so, wars would not occur. Of course we are distressed to see close friends & close relatives become sufferers but those who are neither & who are sufferers do not really concern us. None of us are immune from a certain amount of shadenfreude.

What the species as whole, our species, homo sapiens, seem to want to is to live to a great age in comfort & good health & the devil take the hindmost.

In Jean Carper’s book 100 Simple Things You Can to prevent Alzheimer’s & Age Related Memory Loss, she suggests a number of things we can do to prevent memory loss. Much of it I don’t agree with. She covers it all with the all embracing phrase, scientifically proved or otherwise or something. But that can mean anything. On the whole I am not in favour of people who make claims like this which nearly always turn out to be unfounded. But I am sure that diet & exercise, including exercising the mind & doing something to reduce stress, meditation or a being in a harmonious relationship for example can do much to reduce the chances of us becoming sufferers.

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