Israel & Iran

I have spent much time trying to write something sensible about the craziness between Iran & Israel. But there is no sense in it. Is it mutually assured destruction again or something else?  Something more primeval, something atavistic. Something deep within the psyche of the human consciousness. Nuclear weapons haven’t been used since 1945. Even I wasn’t alive then. Are we right to worry about Iran.? Are they really more dangerous & irresponsible than other countries who possess them. There seems to be something intrinsic about the human being which predetermines that wars will always be us.

In a sense both Israel & Iran are theocracies. This would be alright were these theocracies not so bellicose & arcane. If theocracies were based on love & peace & compassion as is Tibet, it might work. But the religions of both Iran & Israel are based on the premise that everything they do is right & anyone who oppose them are terrorists or worse.

Sometimes wars do sort out the problem. But not that often. The spilling of blood, taking of lives,  wholesale destruction of cities & towns. An example would the World War II, possibly the first Gulf War. The second Gulf War seems to have made the situation worse. Ridding the World of Saddam Hussein was a desideratum but since then Iraq has been plunged into chaos. It is right for the picking by some dictator or another.

The idea of race, statehood & religion causes so much animosity. It seems that the human race is intractably attached to atavistic notions of tribalism & nationalism. That human beings have to have someone else to look down upon & have to blame others is the way things always seem to have been. This didn’t matter so much when weapons were more rudimentary; before the introduction of firearms. But such weapons as we possess today make the World inherently unsafe.

In a sense the dispute between Iran & Israel has no rights & wrongs because there are no rights & wrongs in the dispute. What transcends everything is the danger of war. In a sense it is like a domestic  argument but with very nasty weapons which could blow up the entire house.

War, itself is a symptom of man’s inherent aggression. There seems to be an inherent nastiness about homo sapiens which manifests itself in many ways but in which war is the most harmful. Take the first world war; millions were slaughtered, campaigns, at least on the allied side were not properly planned. Young men, the backbone of England were slaughtered for no good reason.

Countries have (occasionally) been compared with families. Families fight within themselves, families fight other families. Sometimes families stick together sometimes they don’t. Countries seem to take as read, the slogan, my country right or wrong.

The dispute between Israel & Iran risks the planet itself.

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