Axis of Light

At the ICA, in the space that used to be the theatre & still is on occasion, there is a beautiful & lyrical film about artists from the Middle East. It is called the Axis of Light. There is a thread of sadness running through the film which lasts about an hour. 8 artists talk about their work & the politics of the Middle East. Some of them are in exile in Britain & the USA. It is difficult, in fact it is often impossible to say what is good art & what is no value. Often it is the context which renders art of interest, significance even. The Lebanese sculptress & poet, Mona Saudi,  much of whose work had been damaged & destroyed, presumably by the Israeli’s, the Iranian photographer living in exile in the USA.

This is the ICA link

There is thread of sadness going through the film

The director of the film is Pia Getty.

This is the link for the film

The film continues at the ICA until the 4th of March & it is free. It is shown daily at 12pm, 1.15pm, 2.30pm, 3.45pm & 5.00pm. On Thursday at 6.15pm & 7pm as well.

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