Occupiers evicted

So the Occupiers outside St Paul’s Cathedral have been evicted.  The bailiffs or the police or whoever they were came in the night & did the deed. So now it will be clean & pristine for the tourists & people with money so that the Church of England can continue on its true vocation – making money for itself & investing it in (mainly) property – but certainly into the capitalist system. You can’t blame them. After all in the Soviet Union, the Orthodox Church hardly prospered & everybody likes the security of knowing where the next meal is coming from.

Obviously there was a fair amount of idealism amongst the occupiers. But it is hard to see what difference the occupation of the square outside St Paul’s Cathedral has made. The occupiers have contributed to the argument  about the bankers & maybe some other issues & that is good. But in the end the capitalist system is continuing unchecked.

There is a need for World capitalism to be reformed to reverse some of the deregulation of the last 2 or 3 decades. The more deregulation there is, the more people & in some countries very young children, can be exploited & the more inequality there is. Big corporations take very little notice of environmental concerns.

The press hasn’t been taking the occupy movement  seriously but that is the UK press for you. On the whole it is hard to take the British press seriously. Much has been written about that.  The occupiers have largely been ignored, especially in recent weeks.

Unfettered capitalism has become the norm. In recent decades it has spread to China Russia & the republics, East & Central Europe & elsewhere. In fact people, initially at least want more capitalism, not less.  Capitalism does bring more material wealth, it does offer more civil liberties. But inherent in it are so many contradictions & inconsistencies that the system does seem to have within it, seeds of self destruction.  But the alternative is not wonderful. Not many people would have actually chosen to live in Cuba or the Soviet Union or its satellites.

Modern capitalism dates from the time of the industrial revolution in the 18th century. It has grown in an organic & disorganised way. Rules of the capitalist system are spoken about as though they are immutable. But they are not. You hear phrases like, you can’t buck the market; a statement that is not only completely untrue but ridiculous. The statement sounds like a joke straight from Tony Hancock or another comedian of his ilk. It is going to be hard to disentangle the system & make it more human, more equitable & more environmentally friendly. But if it continues without reform, the end is nigh.

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