Cancer – why die if you don’t have to?

There is so much cancer around. I have just heard about a relative who has been diagnosed 2 weeks ago with cancer so bad that she cannot possibly survive. She is in her late 70s. To me this is not old. Of course she has lived to quite an age. In many countries, this would be a great age. But in the Western World it is quite possible to live long & useful lives & not over consume. There is so much cancer around. On the whole it can be said that living a more sensible lifestyle does help.

I urge you all my dear readers to take precautions, to try to protect yourselves against this terrible disease. We, all of us get cancer every day but our immune system can normally deal with the problem. But once cancer cells start multiplying there is little that can be done about it.

Eat more vegetables, eat less meat, less processed food, drink in moderation, don’t smoke tobacco, dope or anything else, take a selenium tablet every day or at least several times a week. Take exercise, meditate or listen to classical music. All this is quite simple advice. But it can make a difference. When someone dies, it is the living not the dead who suffer.

The 20% of the population who smoke are creating lots of health problems for themselves, not just cancer related diseases but also problems to do with the heart, the bones, the lungs that are not cancer related. It is thought to be one of the causes of Alzheimer’s. Is it such a big deal to give up eating meat, to eat more vegetables? Surely not?

Why die if you don’t have to?

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