Vietnam & Afghanistan

An American has run amok in Afghanistan & killed a large amount of civilians. It is horribly redolent of Lieutenant Calley & Mai Lai  in Vietnam. The Americans are not the worst perpetrators of wars crimes in the last 100 years or so. But they claim to be bringers of peace, freedom & democracy. In fact it is impossible to take such claims seriously. Apart from anything else they have buttressed many bad dictatorships. Bad governments who just happened to share the same enemies as America. The Americans seem to believe that because of their own collective amnesia, other countries forget such things as their many atrocities in Vietnam as well as the so-called carpet bombing of North Vietnam. The number of countries which America has bombed is long. They do not regard foreign countries as being sovereign. Pakistan for example seems to have become an American province.

America & Israel seem to intent upon attacking Iran. Iran is a vast country. It is a much bigger country than Iraq for example. The excuse for invading Iran is their nuclear programme. But this was the apparent reason for going into Iraq where they were found not to have nuclear weapons. It isn’t very likely that Iran has developed nuclear weapons as yet & it may be that they will not do so ever. It isn’t exactly clear what it is that America & Israel plan to do. Iran is a vast country, much bigger than Iraq. Iraq itself attacked Iran & that resulted in a war that dragged on for 8 years.

We who disapprove of the human rights record in Iran do not approve of military action against the country, against the régime. It would be counter productive. It would entrench the régime. It would do nothing for human rights. Any countries attempting to invade Iran would, one can surmise, become bogged in an endless war, similar to the Iran Iraq war or indeed  World War I. It might turn out to be more like the Vietnam War. The question really is, does Iran have ground to air missiles yet. If it does. Israel, apparently, proposes to uses rockets which can penetrate mountains. Iran, apparently, it is claimed, buried its nuclear facilities underneath a mountain or mountains. It is possible.  But it is more likely that the research facilities are dispersed. If Iran does ever develop the means to make a nuclear bomb it is likely the West – for it is the West mainly which is panicking about Iran’s nuclear capability – will have other more pressing problems. The development of nuclear weapons is obviously a disaster for the human race. Someone, somewhere, sometime is going to use them again. But if Iran does develop nuclear weapons, they will not be the only country to have them. There was panic over both China & the Soviet Union acquiring them but neither super power has used them, at least up to now.  America has had to learn to live with the fact that other countries have nuclear weapons. They will have to do the same with Iran.

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