Earthquakes in Japan again

On Wednesday of last week, there were a series of earthquakes in Japan. Thankfully nobody was killed.

Japan is the most earthquake prone area on the planet it seems.  It is surprising that early man continued to live on the island, given the frequency of earthquake activity there. But the human race’s expansion to all parts of the planet was inexorable.

There have been many earthquakes since the beginning of time, since the beginning of the planet. It is thought that the earth’s crust was broken up into tectonic plates because planet earth collided with another heavenly body & the collision caused it to break up.

Japan happens it be in a geological area where earthquakes are likely to occur. Earthquakes have always been commonplace & indeed the Japanese people have adapted to the problems, living on the whole in areas which have not suffered so much &  living in houses where if they collapse, it is possible that the people living inside are not hurt.

There has been an increase in earthquake activity in the last year or so. Scientists deny that the increase in earthquake activity is anything to do with the large Hadron Collider or anything else that the human race does.

But scientists want it both ways. They want us to accept verbatim their version of how the Universe was formed, how planets, especially planet earth & the solar system came into being. They want us to believe in quarks, black holes & other wonderful science things but not that their toys have any bad effects upon the planet. They point out (rightly) that climate change is the result of the bad actions of the human race but deny all responsibility for the increase in earthquakes. The large Hadron Collider in Cerne seeks to reproduce the big bang but scientists have blithely gone ahead with it even though it is obvious that if what they are doing is indeed that, then it must have an effect upon the stability of the planet.

The Tsunami in Japan which occurred just over a year ago, caused the loss of hundreds of lives, widespread destruction & damage to nuclear installations, with the consequent danger of radiation to the people of Japan & indeed all the people around the planet. Since then there has been a fivefold increase in earthquakes in Japan, the country which already has a surfeit of earthquake activity. The Japanese are the only population to suffer nuclear weapons. Whatever the rights & wrongs of Japan’s recent history & by that I mean Japan’s role in World War II, it can be said that the Japanese role in this war, when they committed many atrocities, was an aberration in their history. They certainly suffered a great tragedy when the bombs which destroyed Hiroshima & Nagasaki fell from the sky. They know about nuclear fall-out. But no doubt they will continue to live with earthquakes & will continue to survive & adapt to the fact that an earthquake is possible at any moment.

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