Alzheimer’s funding

The government has announced increased help for Alzheimer’s research. Quite why, Alzheimer’s rather than anything else has been accorded this special treatment is not known. Presumably someone in the cabinet is personally affected by the condition, maybe even the Prime Minister himself. But it is timely. Alzheimer’s is a disease which seems to de-humanise people. It doesn’t kill in the way of AIDS & cancer & other diseases. What it does is take away the humanity of the sufferers.

It looks as though David Cameron is up to his ears in corruption & that some of it has been discovered. The Sunday Times recording of the interview with Peter Cruddas, a fundraiser for the Conservative party heralds a scandal that isn’t going to go away. Both the Conservatives & Labour have had similar scandals to contend with. It is strange that the political parties indulge themselves in this way. But they do. It now appears that David Cameron in spite of his denials was fully complicit in it. It appears that in fact access to the Prime Minister has been bought.

The government has been up to its ears cutting funding for this or for that. Which projects survive this & which don’t appear to be entirely random. It has been reported that George Osborne the Chancellor of the Exchequer has decided to abandon environmental measures which might impede economic growth. With regard to Alzheimer’s, he seeks to show foresight, long term planning but with regard to the planet, not so. But one suspects that the measures taken are simply thought to be vote winners. Alzheimer’s is a problem but so are many issues. For example, why does Britain purport still in the 21st century to be a military power. For example, the issue of the Falklands has arisen again. Personally I don’t have much sympathy for the Argentine cause, in fact I don’t have any,  but when considering ends & means, it does that the UK is expending a lot of energy

Alzheimer’s is undoubtedly a timebomb. It appears that it is not really known what the disease is or what causes it. Why, quite why, there is no cure for it at least in its advanced state is a bit of mystery. There is some progress but nobody (apparently) has suggested that it is ever going to be possible to help sufferers who have advanced Alzheimer’s. Presumably this is because not enough research has been done on the matter. It is sometimes said that brain cells once dead cannot regenerate. But this is not the case. After a stroke, when sufferers are unable to speak even as a result of brain cells being destroyed, the brain cells do return. There is some debate as to what extent this occurs. But with Alzheimer’s sufferers, even a small amount of improvement would improve the lives of sufferers greatly.

One can only hope that the money being mooted for Alzheimer’s research will be used to find a cure for those severely afflicted as well as those who have the disease in its early stages.

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