George Galloway

So George Galloway has won the Bradford West by election. This is bad news. The man is nothing but a charlatan. A useful idiot to the Islamic Republic of Iran which executes hundreds of people each year many of them in public. A friend of Saddam Hussein; the man he saluted for his indefatigability whatever he meant by that. There are documents which seem to show that Saddam Hussein paid Galloway millions of dollars. Galloway has never explained this.

He used to have a programme on the infamous Press TV channel for which he is reportedly paid £2,000 an episode of whatever the programme was. Press TV, the Iranian channel which broadcast “confessions2”extracted under torture.

He used to have a radio programme on TalkSport. I sometimes used to listen to it but stopped after I heard him accusing one of his listeners of being worse than Hitler. I don’t know what he said to deserve it because I had just switched onto this programme. But my guess is that he didn’t say very much. Anyone who disagreed with him, he tended to dismiss as a idiot.

He used to be a great supporter of the Soviet Union which he praised to the high heavens. But then after its demise he suddenly became religious & managed to get himself elected by self-styled Respect party.

He has been married several times. He has children all over the place. I don’t know how many. But he does seem to have an unhealthy attitude towards women. It is odd really because he apparently espouses Islam (although he claims to be a practising Roman Catholic) which deplores adultery (of which he is a master practitioner) more than anything. I realise that he is nothing more than an opportunist but would have thought he would modify his behaviour, being in the public eye, as he is. His last wife divorced him complaining about his unreasonable behaviour.

As for his election victory, let us just say there have been insinuations of irregular voting patterns.

No doubt all will be revealed.

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