Jimmy Mubenga

On the 12 of October 2010, Jimmy Mubenga died when he was being deported. When he cried out in pain because he was feeling ill, he was ignored. After he had collapsed he was taken to Hillingdon Hospital where he died. This is such a serious matter but it is the sort of issue which is often ignored by the press because the victim is foreign & dare one say because he was black. As a member of Amnesty (which I am) I wrote to my MP about the matter of Jimmy Mubenga. My MP is Sarah Teather & she has been courteous enough to reply. She got in touch with Rob Whiteman, the Chief Executive of the UK Border Agency. He has sent to her a report which she has forwarded to me. But it all a bit of a whitewash. These days, those that have (us) don’t want to share anything with anybody else even though our wealth is largely built on the back of them because of unfair trade practices, protectionism & the legacy of imperialism & colonialism.

Those who harden their hearts against those less fortunate tend to suffer in the end. The saying that what goes round does come to pass on occasion.

International politics is nearly always governed by Realpolitik inasmuch as only what is perceived as the national interest & in a Western  style liberal democracy that is interpreted in terms of votes – who can be more horrible to foreigners (foreigners are normally perceived as parasites eating away at our society) –  & the values of compassion & love which in theory bind us all together are ignored.

Jimmy Mubenga probably died for nothing. Probably nothing will change & nobody will admit they did anything wrong.

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