Why war?

This was a proposal for film which would discuss the reasons for war. Some of it may be out of date. It is a 2 or 3 years old. Unfortunately it didn’t come to fruition



Why still war?


It is a good question. After how many million years of human existence, how come this organised mayhem called war still continues to blight not just the human race but all of the planet. The other species we supposedly share the planet with etc.

We ,propose making a film which examines this more than just philosophical question. Apart from climate change it, in this age of lethal weapons, so-called weapons of mass destruction. But ultimately it is a philosophical question.



The film will be three parts.

  1. Why war?, a general discussion. At first sight, it is a philosophical question. But then maybe it isn’t. maybe it is just genetics. But then why should that be? We always been told the evolution did this or that for the benefit of the progress of this species or that. In that case why has evolution not made us the so-called homo sapiens more peaceful to each other. We will show footage from World War I, the so-called war to end all wars, the wars where lions were led by lambs & millions were sent over the top to their deaths. We will discuss with geneticists & philosophers why war continues. We would show footage of the dropping of the We would discuss why soldiers rather than actors are employed for ceremonial duties such as the trooping of the colour. We will talk about the ancient game of Go, a game of territory & war. We will discuss why there are so many statues of military people. Surely the time has come to tear them down. Surely by now we should regard the military as a necessary evil. Why war?
  2. Why are Buddhists so peaceful even when it is to their disadvantage. In the second part we will discuss religion & in particular why Buddhists are peaceful even when it is to their disadvantage..We will look at examples. Cambodia, Burma, Tibet. We will discuss some of the many examples of religion being the excuse or reason for war. For example the crusades.
  3. Why war?  Is sport a continuation or a substitute for war In the third part will discuss whether sport is a substitute for war or whether it makes relations better between or worse between nations. George Orwell said it was obvious that between friendly nations, sport improved those relations but that between unfriendly nations, sporting nations it makes relations worse. Why does football in particular become a measure of patriotism – which Dr Johnson said was the refuge of the scoundrel. Dame Edith Cavell said patriotism isn’t enough.Recently the women’s baseball World Cup was suspended. Apparently a stray bullet hit one of the Hong Kong players during a match against the Netherlands.
  4. We will also discuss if now that war is more sanitised due to things like the Geneva conventions & international war crimes tribunals, whether it is more humane. We will consider the dropping of the atom bomb & the fact that the Romans, for example, used to fight wars, take prisoners & then make slaves of the prisoners. But in the early days of the human race it didn’t really matter that homo sapiens was continually at war with itself because the weapons used were such that the planet was not permanently & irrevocably damaged. People were faced with prospect of famine & drought but not nuclear catastrophe.
  5. Are there just wars?
  6. Conclusion. Empires & conquest ebb & flow. Nothing is forever necessarily – the Roman Empire lasted hundreds of years but eventually fell. The feudal system came to an end eventually, communism in Eastern Europe collapsed.


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