Depression Awareness Week

It is Depression Awareness week.

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Depression is sometimes known as the Black Dog. When it really afflicts sufferers, they are unable to move across the room. Physical symptoms often follow & diseases such as Alzheimer’s & cancer can a consequence. It is so hard to know what to say to people, friends & others, when they ask advice about depression. The easy answer is change your diet & get more exercise but that is easier said than done. It is such a shame. Often the only answer in fact is to sort the problem (money or something that is causing it.) Depression can be brought on by the break-up of a marriage, losing your job, the death of apparent or a spouse or in the fact the death of anyone close. When one of my friends or relatives (which happens with increased regularity these days) I am become so depressed that I can’t get out of bed the next day. It can be brought on by being mugged or robbed. There a lots of things which can bring on depression.

Doctors resort to pharmaceutical solutions & prescribe anti-depressants which the patients then become hooked onto. These days this seems to be accepted as the best or as the least bad solution. Personally I doubt it. Personally I believe the talking therapies are more helpful.

But depression can be debilitating. I get depressed sometimes. I think everybody does. It has been said that sufferers of depression are re-charging their batteries. It could be; it could be. Much creative writing, music & art has been done by sufferers from depression. I, also think that it may be an evolutionary mechanism which enables people to face death more. If you feel you have had enough, you are more ok about dying.

Most depressed people come through it & go back to leading fruitful lives. But some don’t. I know & have known a few people permanently affected by depression. People who are constantly threatening suicide. Often they smoke, sometimes drink alcohol to alleviate the problem. But this can make it worse. When they are with friends who only want the best for them they are liable to become distracted & seem to drift away, mentally.

Depression seems to be random. It seems to come from nowhere. And often it goes again into nothingness. Sometimes they, the sufferers,  just need a friend to talk to & to unburden themselves.

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