Arms Control Treaty

Amnesty International has designated 2012 the year of arms control. The fact that nations manufacture arms, use them, sell them in the year 2012 is hard to comprehend. It doesn’t seem to be regulated by any type of law. Apparently we have to consider British jobs. The issue of jobs again. This issue keeps appearing. It is as though jobs, doing whatever it takes to keeps people “gainfully employed” whatever that means is all that matters. It those jobs involve producing machines for killing people, well, so be it. In fact there is much to be done. There are many sustainable jobs which could be created. The planet, communities, people, have many genuine needs which could be addressed in preference to producing weapons of war.

Amnesty International has been urging the Prime Minister of Great Britain & other British MPs not to allow the treaty to be watered down.

Some of us have painted T-shirts for the MPs to wear, once maybe, more than once maybe, We will send them to the said MPs. Some MPs are more enlightened than others. Most, possibly all, are mainly concerned with popularity. Some MPs, probably a minority sad to say, probably do care deeply about issues of war & peace. When the time came to vote on war in 2002, most MPs trooped dutifully into the yes lobby in Parliament.

These are some of the T-shirts we have created for them.

We have painted slogans on them. On the front we have put A bullet proof treaty will save us. On the back we have put our own slogans. I have put Make Love not war bread not bombs. I am in this picture. I am the old bloke in the yellow sweater.

The issue of war & peace is not an optional issue. It is hard to comprehend that in the year 2012 the planet is still plagued with wars at all, let alone wars & conflicts which keep on starting & then escalating. Too often violence is seen as the answer to a problem. Occasionally it is the only answer, often it exacerbates the problem.

Amnesty has been campaigning on issues of human rights & war & peace since 1961. Amnesty believes in the primacy of the individual rather than the means & ends arguments of Realpolitik which states employ. Régimes often justify repression on the grounds that without these measures chaos would ensue. Imprisonment, torture & death are often, indeed increasingly, the means used by states to enforce their will, often upon their own citizens.

Amnesty is the voice which persistently cries out against the abuse of power by states & the organs of repression employed by states.

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