I went to see my aunt last Saturday. She has Alzheimer’s. It is terrible disease because it takes a away a person’s humanity. When I visited her last; on Good Friday, she seemed more lucid inasmuch as she did seem to know who I was & she did seem to be able to read. Indeed, although she is by 96 – a great age, even in these days of increased longevity – in some – & she has been afflicted with Alzheimer’s  for several years, she is still healthy & feisty. She was always a woman with attitude. She still is. She seems to have some delusions. She seems to have some odd attitudes. We all do.

The big question is, how close we are to a cure?

When I went to see her on Good Friday, I did wonder if she was being given a new secret drug which was helping to alleviate her condition. It may be for all anyone knows, that the answer lies in food; in diet. It is known that eating the wrong foods is one of the causes of diseases generally, certainly Alzheimer’s but it doesn’t seem clear really whether or not eating the right foods can cure Alzheimer’s.

I don’t think my aunt is so badly afflicted that she couldn’t in fact be cured. In fact she always strikes me as being more compo mentis than most of the other residents.

Brain cells do regenerate, one question is how, another is why? There are other questions relating to Alzheimer’s, how close we are to a cure, whether diet affects the condition, whether it comes & goes, whether it is necessarily progressive. Whether right handed people get it more than the left handed or ambidextrous are more prone to the disease.

I have been reading Jean Carper’s 100 Simple Things you can do to prevent Alzheimer’s & age related memory loss.

It is quite cliché ridden & badly written but readable for all that. It is full of generalisations which are almost certainly not true. But nevertheless the message that Alzheimer’s is preventable is I one that I agree with. When you see young people smoking, you know they are storing up trouble for themselves. Smoking used to be endemic. These days obesity caused by eating wrong foods is endemic. Smoking, taking drugs, eating the wrong food, lack of exercise, alcoholism, too much time  spent in front of a computer screen are all causes of disease generally. Games of all kinds, even bingo I suppose, keep the brain active. Meditation helps still the mind. Organic vegetables, eaten raw, vitamin C tablets can all help to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s is an industry. Were it to disappear as a disease & I predict that it will, it will put out of business many money making enterprises, homes for the elderly suffering from dementia & Alzheimer’s. And all the fat research grants for Alzheimer’s would come to an end.

In the meantime, this disease is on the increase & the confused sufferers continue to be unable to do much that prior to acquiring the disease, they were able to do.

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