Climate Change

We are certainly reaping the results of climate change. It looks like the wintry weather is set to continue until the last week in May. For decades we, the human race, has ignored the warnings of scientists & others that man made disasters were just around the corner. It is happening faster than many people expected. The problem has been that scientists have erred on the side of caution. They are afraid to predict too much Armageddon in case they are wrong & then they are never believed. Why there have been, up to now, so many climate change deniers is hard to say. But, presumably, they were didn’t believe it because they didn’t want to. Because to believe it would necessitate a change in lifestyle.

Looking at it does look as though there isn’t going to be much sunny weather until the last week in May. We are all looking forward to that. But, probably from now on, there will be catastrophe after another not just in other parts of the planet but also here in the UK. Up until now, there have been relatively little of the climate catastrophes experienced in other parts of the World, Pakistan for example. This has been one of the little reasons that the climate catastrophes have been denied by the great British xenophobic public. There is much in the World that is just not reported by the British media. The honourable exception to this is the BBC World Service. Obviously not everything in the World is reported but much is. By listening to it I have become aware of much that is happening in the World, which otherwise would have been completely unknown.

The consequence of climate disasters is that much that is thought of being disastrous, like, for example the financial crisis involving amongst others Greece will seem unimportant because of the cataclysmic nature of floods, storms, hurricanes etc, breaking up of the polar caps, consequent rise in the level of sea levels. Human life in much of the World will become impossible. People will seek high ground. But much of this high ground will be uninhabitable because of high temperatures.

Probably what will happen is that after several natural disasters, people will be used to it. the present spell of wintry weather seems to have elicited remarkably little in terms of panic or anxiety. But it will not happen gradually. In fact it is more likely to happen exponentially & this little island state of ours will be covered by the sea. Things which have up till now been seen as sacrosanct will be blown away like a piece of paper being blown away by the wind.  We ourselves will become the country of refugees leaving for safer climes.

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