So 4 out of 5 people over the age 60 suffer from arthritis. Can this be true? I am 66 & I don’t have any at all. I have had problems with my knees. In my thirties at one time I had tenosynovitis. But in the end these problems sorted themselves out. All these diseases; are they real or they the domain of the hypochondriac. I know people in their fifties who look as though they are in their twenties. There seems to be a discrepancy between the super healthy & the super unhealthy.

Arthritis can be a crippling disease in fact. Sufferers sometimes end up not being able to walk.

It is caused by diet. Too much acid including orange juice & tea contribute towards arthritis. Arthritis is the disease of the joints. Personally I don’t have any problems with any of my joints & do know many people who are getting on a bit who similarly don’t have any joint problems. The figure of 4 out 5 is a bit hard to believe.

But it is old age; old age; that is all.  Everything wears out; it is the natural order of things. The body wears out & then we die. Only the young die in perfect health & then not always.

Old age isn’t so bad. Mostly we who are not young any more have learned to cope with problems & internalise them without worrying too much about them. When you grow old, your memory isn’t as good as it was but you worry less. Older people are not so prone to highs, lows & mood swings. With depression, it is easier to take it in your stride, easier to take it in. Depression is a mechanism which helps to make death easier, so is the body being worn out.

Arthritis in the hands, the knees, the hips, anywhere in the body. It is just the body aging.  It isn’t cancer, it isn’t Alzheimer’s. It is just old age.

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