Alzheimer’s prevention

Alzheimer’s is a disease of which we all afraid. Looking at sufferers, we realise that it could be us. We empathise. We know, with good luck or with bad luck, we could live a long time& it could be us. There are at present more than 100,000 sufferers in the UK or so it is said; in 20 years time it is projected that there will more than a million sufferers.

We all wonder if a cure is around the corner & we wonder if it can be prevented. In Alzheimer’s & dementia, the brain shrinks. We, the human race, believe, rightly or wrongly, that what distinguishes us from the other species is our brain. We do not have biggest brain on the planet, elephants & whales have bigger brains, nor can we fly without the aid of an aircraft. We live longer these days than would be expected in a strictly evolutionary sense & thus we become more prone to diseases such as Alzheimer’s & cancer.

In the end, it is up to us. We as individuals make choices about our lifestyles, about what we eat, what drink, to smoke or not to smoke, to exercise or not. Much is out of hands, the genetics, the environmental  causes, often the stress we endure is not our fault. Most of the people on the planet do not have the privileges which we in the West enjoy.  But in the West, it behoves us to live sensibly to avoid these terrible diseases. Disease is not inevitable, not very often, at any rate.

Prevention is better than cure. When a cure is talked about, what is meant, on the whole, is medication – drugs. Sometimes tweaking the genes is talked about, which sounds dangerous. But through diet & meditation & maybe yoga & other such practices, most diseases can be avoided.

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