Happiness index

The question arises, what is government for? In theory governments in a western liberal society govern out of concern for the citizens. But in practise they are more concerned about controlling society either by repressing the people through prisons & so on or what is called repressive tolerance by which a certain amount of dissent is allowed so that citizens are fooled into thinking that they have freedom. Citizens think that happiness is money but everybody knows it isn’t. At times we do all think; money is happiness.

There has been much talk lately about the breakdown of society & about how everything has a financial value. There has been talk about measuring happiness in society, the so-called happiness index. This has on the whole been greeted with scepticism & it is just assumed that what brings happiness is material prosperity.

Elected politicians are no less prone to corruption than are political leaders in a non-democratic form of government as has been witnessed in the recent expenses scandal.

People are controlled through education & the press, TV & radio, the internet. People don’t know what they think about an issue until they hear what someone in authority or more generally in the public eye tells them.

Institutions are the family, schools, prisons, the press, Parliament, the church.

We are all supposed to respect them, to listen to them to be afraid of them. We all collude in going along with what they do & what they say.

But most of all it is the family. People are encouraged to procreate, to bring into the World new people to be controlled & made subservient to the system in the way that everybody else is. Those who deviate from what is expected are excoriated, made to feel as though they are of no worth. People have to have jobs, have ambition, to hate losing, to do this, to do that, to fulfil their potential (a totally meaningless phrase) yet in the end we all die & life turns out to be a tale told by idiots full of sound & fury, as Shakespeare said in Macbeth. Life is pointless as I have often said. Institutions purport to regulate society & make life bearable & even bring about happiness. In fact institutions generally but especially the family simply control & make people unhappy.

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