Climate change, GM & poverty

So the weather has turned out to be hot & sunny. But beware, the forecast is for more heavy rain & cold weather in the near future, during the Summer. The climate is unstable. It is probably, indeed certainly, too late to do anything about it. Yet there are doubters out there, climate change deniers.

But we might as well enjoy the hot weather while it is here or head for somewhere cooler like an air conditioned cinema.

For a week now, we have enjoyed nice weather. By nice weather we mean hot weather. We have been complaining about the heavy rain which we have been experiencing recently. But, obviously we were wrong to do so. We haven’t had enough rain for several years. We have been experiencing drought conditions. Water shortages are just around the corner, still.

The issue of GM crops has arisen again & there have been demonstrations against GM. The scare seems to be about what is called Frankenstein plants. Perhaps triffids. People are afraid of mixing up the genes of plants with consequences that cannot be foreseen. The obverse is that there are so many hungry people on the planet & it is argued that GM could be the answer. It could be. The risks have to weighed against the benefits. Either way, it isn’t ideal.

Most of my friends have been from the start & are now against GM on principle. I am not. It is true that Monsanto do bad things like making sure that there seeds cannot propagate & that poor farmers have to buy seeds afresh every year. But is there not some clever person, some clever scientist who can get round that?

Whether we like it or not genetic modification is here to stay. It has been the case with much that has been invented that many have been greatly against it at the start. In fact man has intervened in plant modification for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians certainly did it. Not on the dramatic scale of the 21st century but it has been done for all that. What is more disturbing; much more disturbing is the clearance of Amazonia for the purposes for meat farmers.

The weather is going to continue to be unseasonal  & difficult to predict. Man has intervened in the climate. Man has intervened to the detriment of the living organism that the planet is. CO2 emissions have heated up the planet, destroyed the planet’s equilibrium. Really GM is not going to make the planet worse. It could make it better at least for some of our fellow human beings.

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