World chess championship ends 6 – 6

The World chess championship has been drawn after 12 games & thus is going to a speed chess play off.

It really is a scandal. Really, there has been no interesting chess during 2½ weeks of its duration. There will have to be a new way of deciding who is World champion. I have thought for many years that the best solution is a tournament consisting of 3 players; the champion & the first 2 in the candidates. The number of games to be decided once this formula has been agreed upon. Top chess should revert to 2½ hours for 40 moves & then 1¼ hours for 20 moves. It would be more exciting for the World & would help to popularise the game. The winner of such a tournament would be a true champion. It could take place every 3 years or even 4 years.

We have waited 2 years for this nothing match. If we had only waited 6 months it would have been too long. In the last game just finished, Anand was a over an hour ahead on the clock with a far superior position but colluded in liquidating the position & offered a draw when he had winning chances. Presumably his reason is that he is very confident about winning the speed chess. But traditionally there has been some beautiful chess games resulting from the World Championship match. There have been none this time round & speed chess won’t produce any.

Shame on both players.

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