Syria on the brink

Syria is descending into chaos. It has been said on the BBC that those opposing the régime are no better than the government. This is sad. So much of the World has descended into chaos in the last few decades. It is hard to believe that life in Syria will be worse without the Assad régime than with it.

Syria is or seems to be becoming a fragmented society. The unrest which seems to be becoming civil war has been going on for more than a year. It is strange that a well armed régime has been unable to put down this revolt.

In Chechnya, a revolt became a civil war whereas in Soviet times a similar rebellion had been put down in a morning.

Similarly with Syria, the Father of the present Assad, Hafez al-Assad who was president before the present incumbent Bashir ruthlessly put down similar revolts ruthlessly & quickly.

It seems that social media, especially Facebook, have facilitated the revolt against Assad. The sooner he goes the better. The sooner he goes, the more chance there is of a relatively peaceful resolution to the conflict.

In the case of Chechnya it is the case that there was a system of informers & secret police activity which prevailed throughout the Soviet Union which kept the KGB abreast of almost everything in the country.

The transition from dictatorship to government by consent seems to be difficult. It is not insuperably difficult though as witness by the transition in central & East Europe in 1990.

The rest of the World has been desperately trying to avoid intervening but in the end there may be no choice.

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