Jobs etc

I have said it before & I’ll say it again; all this emphasis on jobs is just wrong. It is as though it was sent down to the human race on tablets of stone; if you don’t have a job you are of no worth, having a job is the be all & end all. If you have a job you are a wonderful person no matter what else can be said about you.

The planet is in crisis not because there are not enough jobs but because of the ridiculous economic system we suffer under & also because of the environmental problems we the human race have brought about.

Under the capitalist system we have what is known as boom & bust. Capitalism is an inherently unstable system which relies on serendipity to provide the needs of people. Capitalism is unashamed in its reliance upon the greed of people to generate wealth. There is often a very thin dividing line between organised crime & legitimate business.

The problem with communism was that it was imposed upon people by force. The peoples of the Soviet Union & its satellites were unwilling participants in a social experiment. But is not capitalism a social experiment as well, in which people are enticed into accepting the corporate dream & buying goods & services at least predominantly from big corporations? Somehow one feels that the countries which were once socialist changed their economic system at the wrong time. In these countries there appears to be a certain nostalgia for the old days.

Apparently we in the UK will have to spend several decades paying off the sovereign debt & one result apparently will be that the welfare state will in time be no more. The way the system seems to work is that somebody has to produce something, say electronic goods so that someone else can receive health care.  We don’t actually need electronic goods although we think we do & they certainly make our lives easier. Perhaps we don’t need health care. Much illness is in effect self imposed. A bad diet, smoking cigarettes & other substances, alcohol etc, lack of exercise, air pollution, radiation by caused spending too much time around electronics. All this produces illness.

So, is what is called our Sovereign debt going to come home to roost & bring down the system?  It certainly seems to have done so in Greece. The debt does exist. But does money actually exist? Most money these days is virtual anyway. Money was invented by the human race to facilitate the exchange of goods & services. At that time, whenever it was, excess money wouldn’t have been printed anyway. It was just an extension of the system whereby goods & services were exchanged but not like for like.

Banks print money; people are enticed into buying what they cannot afford with virtual money. Transactions often occur not with actual bank notes & coins but with virtual money, goods & services are bought with plastic cards. Many people these days just don’t carry money around with them but they normally carry debit & credit cards.

So Greece doesn’t really produce anything but has many sinecures. Greece is Greece. They, the Greeks, obviously aren’t going to toe the line & pay off their debt. This is the conundrum which the big countries in the EU, Germany & other countries are trying to solve.  Now Spain has similar problems & economists are telling us that Portugal will follow.

Why, rather than change the system, do future generations have to suffer poverty & deprivation? In the UK & other countries, it has taken since the end of World War II & before to create the welfare system as it is; surely it isn’t going to be dismantled because the system has imploded. If there weren’t so much money spent on the military & if we didn’t spend so much money on the prison system, there would (presumably) be plenty of money left over for schools & hospitals, rehabilitation of criminals, public transport etc.

It is the system which is at fault, not the people in it. But it is the people, the poor & oppressed who are going to suffer in the decades to come.

That is if the planet survives the natural disasters which are the inevitable result of the climate change calamity the human race has wrought upon it.

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