Arms control treaty demo

Amnesty were demonstrating outside Parliament on Saturday. There is a treaty for bananas but not arms. That was the theme of the demo. At the same time warplanes were flying overhead. The United Nations are in the midst of debating arms control. At this crucial time for the planet, efforts, some small efforts are being made to control the arms trade. In centuries past, it was less of a concern as was war if the truth is to be told because the very future of the planet wasn’t at stake. But is now. Arms are sold to all sorts of nefarious states for all sorts of reasons, nearly all of them bad. Most often we are told that British jobs are at stake. Well so are foreign lives. Recently we have seen how in Syria & Bahrain guns are turned on civilians. In Egypt the army seems to be refusing to give up its hold on power. In Africa, South America, China – especially at Tiananmen Square in 1989 & many other parts of the World too numerous to mention.

Amnesty had giant artificial bananas. The aim is to put pressure on MPs to make sure the treaty goes through without amendment.

As we demonstrated for peace, warplanes went overhead celebrating something or other.

These are some pictures

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