Even the Rain

Last weekend I saw the film Even the Rain. It had several different themes including a theme about Las Casas, the Jesuit priest who stood up for the native population of Mexico, the Aztecs, during Cortez’s brutal subjugation & genocide of the Aztecs. A film crew was making a film about Las Casas.

The indigenous population of Latin America has undergone systemic genocide since the   conquistadores went there in the name of the King of Spain. Cortez was the first. Suckled by a sow it was said, he was a brute. He went to what is now Mexico to steal gold from the Aztecs, the people living there,  wherever they found it. The story of the Spanish in what is now Mexico & Peru is one of evil & annihilation. The native population were replaced by Spanish settlers & by the result of liaisons between the natives of the South American continent & the Spanish conquerors; the mulattos.

In time the countries of Latin America became the Hispanic entities independant of Spain. Then they made all sorts of claims of nationhood, which they achieved. The first language of Brazil is Portuguese, the language of all the other Latin American countries is Spanish. Somehow there is something not quite legitimate about South American countries. But the same can be said of many countries. In the 16th century many convicts in Spain were given the promise of freedom providing they migrated to the Spanish territories in South America. Latin America suffers to this day from this influx. The indigenous population on the other hand were on the whole gentle & compassionate people. They were like lambs to the slaughter.

We are still suffering from the result of all this.

The film Even the Rain? It is good; the acting, the direction & story. If you get the chance, you should see it.

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