June 20th demo

June the 20th is a day of protest for Iranians, especially exiled Iranians. On that day in 1981, in a protest against the régime, hundreds of people were killed & the next day there were dozens of executions.

On June 20th Neda Agda-Soltan was killed on June 20th 2009. She was in fact an innocent bystander in a demo against the fraudulent re-election of Ahmadinejad. Hers is a cause célèbre. It has been filmed & is on you tube as well as being featured in the film Green Wave about which I have written in an earlier blog.

Every June 20th Iranian exiles, most of them secular Iranians protest against the Islamic régime. The régime continues to hold onto power with all the state apparatus of repression; prisons, mass executions, several different security forces. The cult of the personality, namely the late Ayatollah Khomeini. pervades.

Amongst the speakers was the distinguished writer & ex political prisoner Dr Reza Ghaffari. I have been reading his book A State of Fear. It is a frightening account of life inside Iran’s prisons. Far far worse than anything that can be imagined in the somewhat more enlightened countries of the West. Dr Ghaffari spent 10 years inside Iran’s prisons, involving daily torture & death from execution. His book is a harrowing account of that. I have read about half of it.

These are some photographs from June the 20th last Wednesday.

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