Assad must go.

Bashar Al Assad should step down & the sooner the better. He is just creating hell for himself & everybody else. He has turned himself into a monster in which his survival & the survival of his tyrannical rule in which he ruled with an iron hand is the only raison d’être for his bloody actions. Ruling with an iron hand in which citizen spied on citizen, in which people were afraid to speak out against the régime in general or Assad in particular. There are several organs of repression, many prisons, many torturers, to sustain his rule; there are many victims of torture.  The longer he stays the more chance there is of chaos after he has gone. Other Arab leaders have called for him to go; a demand which has gone unheeded so far. Many Arab leaders are no better than him. Some are worse. One by one tyrants are being deposed, followed one hopes by something better. Eastern & Central Europe have on the whole really done very well in terms of establishing pluralism since the fall of communism. There is reason to believe that the countries of Central Europe & North Africa will do as well.

In the blogosphere, the people of Syria are jumping up & down with excitement at the prospect of being without Assad. Even in the unlikely event of Bashar Assad surviving this crisis & crushing the people – the majority, possibly the vast majority of people in Syria – the people will try again & again on a regular basis until he has gone. The present trend in the Middle East & North Africa is for tyrants to be replaced by new people, ostensibly at least, people democratically elected & who will stand down if they lose an election.  The people of Syria have been presented with possibility of Assad being deposed. They are unlikely to lose that dream until it is realised.

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