The Games are about to start

The Games are about to begin. It could be worse. Most of us are complaining like mad about them. But it could be worse. In Roman times, people were killed for the delectation of the crowd. Baying mobs would call for the death of (sometimes) tens of thousands of victims. These victims were sometimes criminals, sometimes they were people who had committed quite small crimes, some they slaves, taken as booty from conquered lands.

There are special lanes which only people connected to the games are allowed to use.

It has been said that the cost of holding the Olympic games including security & everything else is £25billion. I don’t see how anybody can say that that is money well spent. After the games in a week or 2, what will we be left with? We will be left with paying for the party. It is going to be a case is that all it is?

It may have been in a party manifesto or 2 but I don’t remember it.

The assumption just seems to have been that the majority, the vast majority of people in fact, would be pleased; pleased or overjoyed in fact to host the Games. Well they are not. The overwhelming majority of people are greatly concerned about the inconvenience caused by the games, the problems of travelling, the extra security.

But on the other hand the Games are in fact confined to one part of London,  a small part of East London, so all the nerds who actually like seeing the running races, hop skip & jump, the throwing of things are confined to their little area. The best way to watch this absurd spectacle is of course on television with the sound down.

After all, one person running looks exactly the same as another person running etc.

In the end all we just have to batten down the hatches, look forward to the games being over & spend the next few decades paying for it.

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