Olympic problems, Olympic consequences.

So far the Olympics have been one mishap after another. They are not only being held against the wishes of the local population, not are only are they costing too much. But they are making the whole of the UK a laughing stock. The half empty stadia, ticketing problems, credit & debit card facilities breaking down, the ludicrous opening ceremony which cost £27million alone, the row over security & the G4S company, the muddle over the North Korean flag, which wasn’t in fact  part of the Olympics but still reflected badly on us the British people, etc. The Olympics are only 2 days old. There are another 2 weeks or so to go. Then there are two weeks of the Paralympics. Goodness knows what else there is in store.

The cost of £25billion that the Olympics are costing has presumably not been found or earned or given to the government. One assumes that the money has just been printed. It is obvious that the Olympics are something that just cannot be afforded. It would be unthinkable to give each citizen of the UK upwards of £½billion pounds but that is the amount or at least almost that. Some of the money has been found from elsewhere. The country could afford some of it.

Somewhere along the line, I presume in about 18 months, towards the end 2013, inflation, as a result of this reckless spending, will kick in. Inflation, as result, of this & the military spending on 2 wars, will I predict be more than 50%. The consequences as a result of this in terms of civil unrest, crime & poverty do not bear thinking about. Debt levels in the UK are already enormous. People have been encouraged for the last 25 years or so to spend money they don’t have. It certainly never benefited Greece to hold the Olympics.

London is like a ghost town. For the visitors & participants in the Olympics, it must be like Napoleon’s arrival at Moscow. London is deserted. A million or 2 people have come to London for the Olympics, 3 or 4 million people have left. Really it is heaven. The streets are quieter than normal, the tubes & buses are almost deserted. It just serves to remind us of how unpleasant travelling around in London normally is. The bus drivers & the tube drivers demanded & received a bonus for the extra load it was anticipated they would be carrying. The reverse has occurred.

It is certainly true that the consequences of holding the Olympics have not been as anticipated. For those of us not interested in the Olympics, it has not been possible to ignore them entirely but it has been a pleasant reminder of what living in a City with a smaller population would be like.

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