Bread & circuses

The people, or at the least the media, seem to be labouring under the impression that the Olympic Games were a success. They weren’t. They were a disaster. The government, the establishment, has decided to keep the population quiet with games, sports success & parties. When the socialist bloc did this to gain sporting success in the Olympics, it was decried. Now that we the British are doing it, apparently it is a good thing.

It is true that when the bid was made we were not in the midst of an economic crisis. In fact capitalism seemed to working ok; providing jobs & material goods for the populace. There was a certain amount of rejoicing when London won the bid. But most people were extremely wary of it. Now that it is over, it has to be paid for. The government provided a party at the end, the closing ceremony, so-called was an extravaganza of utility music & other razzmatazz. In fact the Olympics have no merit at all.

What has happened is that we have all been told how important & wonderful this wonderful school sports day is & how we must all get behind the Games. How it is such an honour to stage them that the event has become in the collective mind of the population just that, important & an honour to stage them. Such is the brainwashing that has taken place.

A legacy has been talked about. But there is no legacy. What is left is an empty stadium which might apparently become a football stadium, a swimming pool which will be used & a cycling track, a so-called velodrome, whatever the origin of that word is, apparently is going to be demolished. No country which has staged the Olympics has enjoyed a legacy from it.

The British media has been telling us the UK public how much the rest of the World admires us, in particular today, the Monday after the 2½ weeks before. How much the very expensive closing ceremony / party was admired & enjoyed around the World, the millions & billions who watched it on television etc. But I have looked on the internet & it is obvious that more than 99% of the planet have no opinion one way or the other.

I just don’t understand how, for example, the opening ceremony could cost £27million. What single items in it pushed the cost up to that? I didn’t watch it but it sounded just ridiculous.

The money the Government has poured in to help the athletes train produced 29 gold medals. That is about £7m per gold medal. No sane & intelligent person can claim that that is good value.

As for the athletes themselves, the winners, they are not going to make much money from it, on the whole. There are too many of them & most of them are unlikely, without home advantage, to replicate this success again, without the benefit of the home crowd.  Even now hardly anyone could recite the names of all 29 winners. I certainly couldn’t. We are told that more people will take up sports. I doubt it & anyway what would be the advantage? At the moment, there are loads of gyms & as far as can be ascertained they have lots of members who go to the gym on a regular basis. I had compulsory school games. I was a victim of them. I am 66 & there is nothing much wrong with my health but this has nothing to with sports or gyms. It is more to with diet. It would be better if young were more literate & ate more healthily. It would better if they were to listen to better music; J.S. Bach rather the Spice Girls perchance.

What the Prime Minister, David Camero,n has said is uncannily similar to the words of the Argentine dictator Videla after Argentina had (fraudulently) won the Football World Cup in 1978. There was much rejoicing then, there. In fact after winning the World Cup, Argentina lurched from one crisis to another.

The myth persists that somehow sporting excellence can be translated into political & economic success. The World just doesn’t work like that. The joy & xenophobia of the Olympics will soon fade & it will all be a distant memory like the 1966 World Cup. Our economic woes will not only catch up with us par excellence but will be exacerbated by the debt incurred by these ridiculous Games. I am not a royalist but at least the various royal celebrations, the Queens Jubilee etc don’t cost £25billion.

The Olympic Games in London were nothing more than a case of bread & circuses.

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