Today is the day

Today is the day. Every day is the day. The moment is this moment. Tomorrow is part of the same moment, yesterday is gone. In the end we die. Thank goodness for that. The myth is that life is worth living when it must be obvious to anybody that this is not so. Life isn’t worth living. It never has been. Life used to be nasty short & brutish. Now it is long & unbearable. People have children who shouldn’t. You see it everywhere; on the tubes, the buses & other public places. Mothers feed their children wrong foods, they neglect them when their children are screaming the place down. Children are alone & unloved. So are we all. When most people believed in God (very recently still) they (we) felt loved by the loving God of the Universe. And people believed that however unpleasant life might be, that after death there was something else. That you would be embraced by God & eternal bliss would follow.

So why do people have children? In some respect it is mask their own unhappiness. Children at times can be quite sweet. More often they are screaming bundles of hell. I am told that was how I was. I never understood the concept of family. The family is a claustrophobic institution, at least to me it is. The family consists of parents exerting their will over little people they regard as their property.

People look for meaning in their lives. But there is none. At times they put all their loyalty & hopes into a football team, at other times into their family, at other times into their religion. At times other organisations such as employers. Sometimes people voluntarily give up their freedom by joining cults with authority figures who control everything they do with their lives including deciding the person they marry. The Moonies have mass marriage ceremonies in which none of the participants have chosen their spouses.

People seek solace from the pain of being alive in different ways. But in the end, life is a struggle & there is much unhappiness to be endured.

There are so many myths about. The myth that life is a gift. The myth that life is going to get better any day now. This has always been the raison d’être of progress. But once machines started to do the work & to make more leisure more possible, this has brought about more unhappiness. These days we are afraid of being spied upon by the forces, organisations & men who control the planet.

Such has been progress. Progress in which man has sort of conquered nature & freed himself from much superstition. But has brought about new unhappiness & new diseases. And nature has bitten back.

In the end all there is the moment & the knowledge that in the end we die & that if we have brought new people into the World they will suffer in the same way or in an even worse way than ourselves. People do bad things in part because they are unhappy. Often people end up in prison because of this. People suffer from depression from loneliness & often end up taking drugs. In some parts of the World there are people who live on rubbish dumps. People end up in discordant, toxic even, relationships. People want to believe in the institution of marriage in spite of evidence to the contrary.

What life comes down to is survival first, then self realisation, then understanding that happiness is impossible on a permanent basis, then finding that one moment of meditation which makes all things clear, what Buddhists call enlightenment.

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