Prevention is better than cure

It seems that there is a strong link between Alzheimer’s & diabetes. In fact I gather from an e-mail from care2 causes that many consider Alzheimer’s to be diabetes3. It seems that the foods to avoid are sweet things, biscuits & so on. At first sight it seems too simple to be true. It seems that it is things like cake which cause Alzheimer’s & other diseases. It is surprising if true, normally, the culprits for diseases are not these, so far as I am aware, except for maybe complaints of the heart.

To me, there is health & there is illness. It doesn’t what name is ascribed to an illness but the fact is that it is caused to a greater or lesser extent by diet & lifestyle. One of my aunts is 96 & has Alzheimer’s. Her sister who died a year or 2 ago aged 90 was diabetic. I have always suspected that many illnesses are caused by drug abuse.

Cancer is a disease caused largely by diet & lifestyle. Depression is caused by diet & lifestyle. I remember in the 70s & 80s, the role that genes played in disease, indeed in almost anything, was downplayed. I reading in the Guardian sometime in the 70s that height & intelligence were the only things that it could definitely be said to be caused by the genes. The advice about avoiding Alzheimer’s & cancer are pretty similar. Eat more green vegetables, drink the safe amount of alcohol, cut out tobacco & recreational drugs, try to cut down on stress (not so easy in this day & age) exercise more. It is certainly true that there is much cancer, diabetes & Alzheimer’s that is congenital. But the question is, can anything be done to mitigate? We have gone, in a couple of decades, where almost nothing is thought to be congenital to the position where almost everything is ascribed to the genes.

But to what extent is disease psychosomatic, to what extent congenital & to what extent is it caused by diet & lifestyle?

The answer is it doesn’t matter. What is important is to mitigate the effects, to stave it off by eating sensibly etc.

Prevention is better than cure & mostly disease can be prevented.

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