March for Farmed animals – Brighton.

I was at the march for Farmed Animals in Brighton on Saturday the 6th of October. At the rally, was a Buddhist monk. He spoke about how a woman who had lost a son in Afghanistan had come to him. He spoke about the case of April Jones, the child who was abducted last week in Wales.

Then he came onto the animals. He talked about the cruelty with which we treat animals. . He talked about the fate of chickens. He said some of them end up in takeaways, some in supermarkets, He said when you see a chicken leg in the supermarket, do you wonder what has happened to the other one?

One of the speakers spoke about the cruelty of the badger cull.

There were speakers from the Green Party.  Brighton has a Green Council & the only Green MP in the country. Of course they may not last. Politics is a fleeting business. But Brighton is a bit different.

Veganism was high on the agenda. Myself, I am almost vegan. But occasionally I do eat cheese. Occasionally I eat eggs. But I certainly don’t eat meat. I agree with the Buddhist monk that life should be respected whether it be human or non-human. We humans have invaded the planet, have taken over the planet & subjugated it. In the Bible it says that God has given man dominion over other creation. I can’t remember exactly how it is worded but it certainly is words to that effect.


There were other speakers. Brighton has a Green Council. Caroline Lucas is the only Green MP in Parliament. Indeed she is the only Green MP there has ever been. She wasn’t there but 3 members of the council. They talked about what the council is doing,

There was a scientist explaining & expounding on not only the immorality of killing livestock prior to the 2001 General election & the foot & mouth cattle epidemic scare & the badger cull but also the impractical nature of the exercise.

Beata Ciupińska spoke at the end before the march. She said, please do it with love. She even said those who smoke, please don’t, because it isn’t very those who don’t. I thought she was wonderful. Not all these pictures are wonderful. I think I kept my finger on the shutter too long but didn’t keep the camera steady.

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