The World turned upside down

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has a had close friend or aide arrested. In the US elections, the combatants seem to be competing in a race to decide who has killed most foreigners.

Ahmadinejad has been one of the most feared leaders during the 7 years he has been President. He has been called a dictator but in reality he is a puppet. Now he seems to be being laid low both by events, economic mismanagement & by his enemies.

US leaders too are puppets. The real rulers of the United States are big business, the bureaucracy, the military & organised crime. There are certain things they dare not say. They dare not say, for example, that they don’t believe in God or that they don’t support Israel. It seems they are obsessed with jobs going to China. That jobs mantra again. It’s going to take us all to hell in a handcart.

American jobs apparently are disappearing because China is breaking the rules, whatever those rules are.  Nothing is ever the fault of the United States. It is always somebody else’s fault. America makes up the rules as it goes along. In fact China is playing by the rules which up until recently they were urged by the Americans & others to observe. The one country in the Arab Spring which has had an armed struggle to achieve a successful transition to Western style democracy is Libya. It was done without any American input at all. But now Americans seem to believe that it was them & only them who were responsible for the downfall of Gaddafi.

George Bush said Venice is the capital of Vienna. Such are the people & the people who rule the most powerful country in the World. They believe that the World wants American leadership. The World would probably prefer an outbreak of the Black Death. What the World wants is for America to stop interfering in the affairs of other countries affairs. What the World wants is a long period of American isolation. America needs this too. There is a danger that the country will be laid low by its expenditure on ‘defence’ just as was the Soviet Union.

Americans continue to be pleased with the operation which killed Osama bin Laden. If any American politician perished like this, there would be hell to pay. They’d probably declare war on the country from which it emanated. American foreign policy is bizarre. America has bases all over the World, including in Costa Rica which doesn’t have any armed forces themselves. Apparently forcibly entering a house inhabited women, children & one old man & killing some of the inhabitants including the old man is justice. It is the justice of organised crime. But because it is Americans doing it, it becomes in their eyes, justice.

When Mitt Romney visited Israel, he made the bizarre claim that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel. It was hard to decide whether he actually believes this or whether it was a statement of intent. Apparently he thinks Mubarak fell because of something Obama did or didn’t do. And he regrets it. Like many Americans, democracy is just a word. As soon as it goes against American interests, Realpolitik comes into play. Presumably the will of the Egyptian people means nothing. The Middle East & North Africa up until recently were ruled by dictators in the pay & thrall of America. It seems Romney wishes those days could return. They could. It may be what Romney wants; indeed it may be what Obama wants. It may be what Cameron wants. Leaders talk about the national interest. Their fat egos cause them to disregard the feelings & interests of the poor & oppressed, who are the majority of the planet.

In Italy, scientists have been gaoled for years for something. But it is a bit hard to say what. Apparently there had been earth tremors & scientists gave their considered opinion that nothing much else would happen. Well it did & a whole village was destroyed. In some way, it turned out that scientists took the blame. It is a bit hard to work out from whence cometh their culpability.

Scientists around the World have been horrified by the verdict. I think non scientists have too. These days we seem to believe that scientists are the font of all wisdom. Science has become the new religion. I suppose these days they are credited with supernatural powers in the way that certain religious people used to be, saints & so on. So, it is not difficult to blame them for natural disasters.

Whatever next? People being burned as witches? Imprisoning people for things like this? Well, you expect it in Stalin’s Russia. You expect it in Iran. Possibly in one or two other countries as well; but it is a surprise that in the year 2012 it should occur in Europe. I am not quite sure what it was they were supposed to do, given that predicting earthquakes is such an inexact science.

Romney is a Mormon. They believe all sorts of strange things but probably their beliefs are no stranger than that of any other religion. Christians, Roman Catholics in particular, believe wine becomes blood & then they drink it. Romney himself seems like a bad guy but I could be wrong. Obama promised to close down the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp within a year. Almost 4 years later he still has not done so. Nevertheless he, Obama, is the lesser of the 2 evils methinks.

Rumours abound that the election is being rigged in favour of Romney.  This is an interesting link:

With this crazy in charge of the World, the World can expect one catastrophe after another.

Meanwhile Ahmadinejad stumbles to the end of his term as President of Iran. He might well be chewed up by the system & end up in Evin prison where he will join those he has had put there & has had tortured.

The World turned upside down or maybe I am fantasising.

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