let food be your medicine

Please explain this to me. Why does food have to taste delicious? Hippocrates said let food be your medicine & medicine be your food. As far as I know, medicine doesn’t have to taste nice. I eat mainly raw vegetables. It doesn’t taste especially wonderful, I suppose. But then does anything? What is the meaning of taste anyway? It can simply mean that the item in question has much sugar or chemicals therein.

We are alive, it can be said, for many reasons. But mainly we are alive to achieve some peace of mind. That is all. To retain our sanity. To treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves. To avoid too many periods of extreme unhappiness; generally we are on this earth to try to get by. On the whole people are told they should strive, achieve their potential & other such nonsense. It has been said & written about that we go through lots of phases of life. This may be true in the prosperous West. It isn’t true in the majority of the World where poverty is more than just endemic. It is the order of the day that people’s lives are nasty short & brutish.

Diet plays a huge, possibly the most crucial part in the health & happiness of people. Diseases including depression can often be cured or prevented by diet. Bad diet causes bad health both physical & mental, if that is, there is a difference.

To me, there is good health & there is bad health.  I don’t really understand health & illness. I will when I become ill & die. Life hangs on a thread as they say.

But in the meantime, I shall enjoy good health & continue to enjoy much that I would not enjoy if I had some horrible disease.

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One Response to let food be your medicine

  1. Sean Goldthorpe says:

    This chimes with me. I’ve grown very wary of foods which are more- ish. Almost all processed food is like this these days; high in fat and salt and synthesised taste molecules. These products aren’t made this way by accident. Clearly the intent is to encourage over- consumption.
    Salt was added to food historically to preserve its life. Nowadays, we have refrigerators to do that. Flavourings have long been used to disguise the tell- tale taste of poor quality, or old, ingredients. Nowadays we have “use by” dates to tell us when there’s a risk food may be past its best. And the organic symbol tells us which ingredients aren’t the worst quality available.

    I do home sprouting; growing alfalfa sprouts all the time for daily use. When first I started, I couldn’t taste them, but recognised the beneficial effects on my health.
    Last year, the doc’s advised me to reduce my salt intake. I came home, and took out all high- salt foods from my fridge and cupboard. Result: empty fridge, (except milk/ medicines,) half- empty cupboard!!
    Now, my palette has changed, for the better, and my alfalfa sprouts are really tasty to me.

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