Parliament & bad government

It occurs to me that the time has come to change the Parliamentary system. Parliament is quite often referred to by those who inhabit the Palace of Westminster as the mother of Parliaments but not by many other people. It is reputed that MPs drink heavily while they are at work, even that they fornicate in working hours. The confrontational system of politics ensures an atmosphere something like a school playground & normally what Harold Wilson termed instant opposition prevails – of which all 3 of the main political parties are guilty. On the whole, political debate is sterile & most of the debates are irrelevant. Certain MPs have the reputation of being great orators. But their oratory changes nothing. Some of the more ridiculous ceremonies like dragging the speaker to his chair might serve as pantomime but do nothing to further good government. Increasingly as we in the Uk move towards a Presidential system of government, parliament is little more than a rubber stamp for government policy. As such it often furthers bad government.

Space should be found for a purpose built building without areas for subsidised alcohol; the strongest drinks on offer being tea & coffee. But the new building would contain internet access & other modern aids to communication & information. The building could have living accommodation & if the honourable members choose to live elsewhere they can pay for it from their already too generous salary. Hopefully the level of debate would improve. Hopefully they could contribute towards better government. We live in a time when not just the UK but entire planet is grappling with the issues of climate change. For better or worse almost the entire planet is bound together in a capitalist economy which seems to be surviving by a thread & although opinions differ about how to deal with the crisis, these opinions can hardly be said to divide into views which are definitely left & right. There is much consensus that the crisis is intractable.
The Palace of Westminster could become a museum & people will wonder in awe & disbelief that arcane Parliamentary ceremonies & rituals lasted so long.

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