Masala Yousufzai

I don’t know what it is that shocks me most about the case of Malala Yousufzai. Whether it is that she is only 15 or whether it happened at all or that there still in 2103 exists an ideology which seeks to prevent females being educated or whether it is that the perpetrators seem to have got away with it.

There are some nice pictures of her on the internet. She looks quite stunned in them, as she would after such an experience.

Education is some kind of holy grail. Tony Blair, before he became Prime Minister, said he believed in 3 things education education education. It has become a sine qua non that without education you are nothing. In fact this is hardly ever questioned. But it may not be true. It may be that other qualities are more important than education.

But in the meantime, under militant Islam, education is one of many prohibitions. To kill or attempt to kill somebody campaigning for education is…  well … almost impossible to comprehend.

Masala Yousufzai is still alive. But how far recovery is possible it is not possible to say. She will certainly not regain perfect health again. Whether her cause will continue or whether it will die, is impossible to say. Militant Islam is a force not to be taken lightly.

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