Hostile nature

A meteorite landed on Russia a few days ago. It came from outer space & broke up into small pieces on entering earth’s atmosphere – or so they say.

We are alone in this part of the Universe. The human race makes a vain attempt to understand the Universe. Much of our understanding is simply the construction by the human mind. Time never began time never ends. How could it be otherwise? There could not have been time before time. Time isn’t the beginning & the ending of the day. The Universe & then another Universe & then another into infinity & forever. The beginning wasn’t the word, it wasn’t God creating anything. It just is. Men seek to understand the incomprehensible. Men look for such things as God, love, beginnings, endings, space, limits. The Universe is chaos. The mind of man is chaos. Order doesn’t come from chaos. More & greater chaos ensues. The mind of man sees beauty everywhere. When did any man last say a mountain or a valley was ugly? We are not allowed to say a mountain is ugly. We are conditioned & expected to gasp with awe at the sight of a mountain to have a preference, to say this mountain or that valley is simply awe inspiring. This is not the case with art. We are allowed to scoff at art or music or painting because it is man-made. But nature or God or a meteorite made earth what it is.

Earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, hurricanes, plagues of locusts – are hardly benign nature. Nature can be brutal, unforgiving & hostile. It can destroy as well as create. The forces of nature collide with each other.

The meteorite over Russia; is it something to be pleased about or not? Probably not. But we all marvel at something from outer space just because it is from outer space. Stories are told about them how they were created billions of years ago at maybe the beginning of the Universe, maybe. The film on the internet of the meteorite exploding over Russia did look beautiful, no doubt. In the recent history of our planet, there has been much dėbris from outer space bombarding the planet. But it is only in the last few decades that this has been appreciated. It is said that some people in the part of Russia where the bits landed thought it was the end of the World. Others believed it be a new American weapon. It was beautiful to look at on film, frightening no doubt to be in its vicinity.

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